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durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

Remember our thumbnail dimensions declared right after the timthumb script?All we need to do is switch the height and width values. Append this code on top of (right before the html tag): The code above randomizes the two strings (‘&h=194&w=224‘ and ‘&h=224&w=194’).

Fancybox single thumbnail gallery-55Fancybox single thumbnail gallery-70Fancybox single thumbnail gallery-33

Create a new file named style.css, go back to and link the stylesheet we just created.

In the last screenshot you notice that I marked the little buttons.

Then we call this function where our image tag is: Now our thumbnails have different orientation each time we refresh.

But as you can see, we need to fix the float – some thumbnails get stuck where portrait ends. We need a way to tell what the current thumbnail orientation is, and somehow apply a class to that specific list item.

Important: You should use the latest version of Tim Thumb due to vulnerability issues with old code.

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